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At Bøm­lo Folke­høgskule, idyl­li­cal­ly locat­ed in West­ern Nor­way’s most beau­ti­ful arch­i­pel­ago, we cul­ti­vate fel­low human beings through a focus on sol­i­dar­i­ty, cre­ativ­i­ty, and sustainability. 

As a people’s col­lege, a grade-free alter­na­tive to tra­di­tion­al edu­ca­tion, a year with us is a breather in your race towards degrees or job posi­tions. It’s a year filled with use­ful lessons for many areas of life – char­ac­ter­ized by inspir­ing and mean­ing­ful expe­ri­ences, excit­ing jour­neys, valu­able learn­ing and new friend­ships across a diverse group of stu­dents with very dif­fer­ent inter­ests, back­grounds and opinions.

At Bømlo Folkehøgskule, our fundamental goal is to encourage and develop our three core values: Peace, solidarity, and environmental consciousness. These values permeate all our social and academic activities.

At Bømlo Folkehøgskule we are proud to have students with a wide variety of interests, backgrounds, and experiences. The majority comes from all parts of Norway, but we also welcome international students. This diversity of persons and personalities is recognized as the school’s prime strength by our alumni.

Students must have turned 18 years before enrolling, and most of our students have graduated from high school when they start. However, exceptions will be considered in particular cases.

At Bømlo Folkehøgskule we have a few main guidelines for your own and your fellow students’ comfort and personal development: 1. We expect everyone to take responsibility for her/his own actions. 2. Most questions and problems are solved by dialogue amongst students and between students and the school's personnel. In this, the student union has a significant role.

Some rules are, however, non-negotiable:

  1. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited. This means that no one is allowed to be under the influence alcohol or illegal drugs, or in possession of drugs, while being on campus or attending trips organized by the school.
  2. All course time and designated group activities are compulsory.

Bømlo Folkehøgskule opened in 1983, making it one of the most modern people’s colleges in Norway. In our main building you will find a comfortable and bright dining hall, library, classrooms, living room with an open fireplace, workshop, gym, theatre stage with room for 400 people in the audience, pool room, music room, etc.

Furthermore, the school has a boathouse in which you’ll find a traditional Norwegian wooden sail/rowing boat, and six kayaks – hand made at Bømlo Folkehøgskule.

Students live in one of eight wooden houses. Every house has an equipped kitchen and a laundry. There are six single rooms and three double rooms in each house. Each room has its own bathroom with a shower.

Students bring their own sheets, blankets, pillows, and a few kitchenettes such as cups. Due to allergies, no pets are allowed.

Bømlo Folkehøgskule is found at one of the many islands in the municipality of Bømlo, in the sea gap between the cities of Bergen and Stavanger on Norway’s west coast. We are situated two kilometres from the Finnås village, where you will find a small food store and a gas station. The town Svortland, a 15 minutes’ drive from campus, is the communal centre of Bømlo, offering a range of public, cultural and commercial services. The regional centre, the city of Stord, lies a half hour drive away from campus.

Our tuition is free, but you’ll have to pay for registration, meals, housing, various expenses, the study tour related to your course, as well as the school trip abroad. For updated prices, check out the specific information regarding your course and the general costs section on our Norwegian website (auto translated). All prices are listed in NOK.

Our courses

Our school offers a diversity of courses with exiting travel destinations.

Doctor & nurse

Wondering whether medical, nursing or other health-related studies are for you? Get an insight into these professions when we deep dive into both the healthcare system and the human body.

3-4 weeks study tour to Gambia.

Food & barista

Develop your skills and knowledge in everything from simple student food to fine dining, coffee art and international temptations.

3 weeks study tour to Italy, travelling by train through Europe.

Wild west outdoor activities

Get experiences and basic skills in outdoor life – high and low in the wild West-Norwegian nature. We’ll explore overnight trips in forests and mountains, skiing, kayaking, climbing, rafting, and maybe skydiving?

3 weeks study trip to South Africa.

Kayaking, climbing and summit tours

Want to get even better at kayaking, climbing and mountain climbing? With Bømlo as our base, we immerse ourselves in techniques and safety while hunting for new awesome experiences.

2 study tours in Norway + 2 weeks climbing in Thailand.

Focus Africa

Learn about the world at campus, experience Africa on travel. We bring our knowledge and commitment to Africa and get to know the continent’s best, worst – and everything in between.

4-5 weeks study tour to Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania!

Focus Latin America

Be engaged by the people, the stories, and the courage. Be provoked by injustice, poverty, and environmental destruction. Be fascinated by the nature and the colours.

4-5 weeks study tour to Ecuador and Colombia!

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